Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Used Children Clothing in Paris

Here is the front of the very cool anais et martin used clothing store.  I happily stumbled upon it on one of our endless outings.  Seemingly owned by a very nice women who speaks english.  The store is very well organized and has newborn to size 8 years.  There are even gently used toys in the back, some strollers and linens.   Here are the clothes you want that you know better to pay full price for.  Indulge.

We walked along the le canal Saint-Martin the very canal Amelia Poulin skips rocks on and also found the polar opposite, Antoine & Lili with womens and children clothing and furniture and gifts.   One of the girls working there followed us around like we were gong to steal something, literally watching our every move.  Very rude I thought.  It's ourageously price for what is.  We did however buy a 2 inch bunny for $12 because it was made in Paris and has wings.  I'll try to find out who makes them.    As you can see from the pictures,  it is worth a visit if only for the bright colors.

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