Friday, August 13, 2010

Can't sell wine to the consignment shop

Today was nuts.  Moving Edi out of our bed and into the crib was really a good move, but in the middle of the night somehow she ends up in our bed. This was a blessing  this morning when she slept until 9:30 and I decided to pack for our Outside Lands weekend, feed the chickens, do the dishes, shower, feed us and print pricesheets before our first appointment at 11 at Peter Lowells.  You can now enjoy the Folk Machine Central Coast Pinot Noir there with your lunch or dinner- thank you Lowell.

We always drive down Healdsburg Ave in Sebastopol to check out Patrick Amiot's sculptures when we go to Peter Lowells.  There we found out you can win this one through Folk Art for Schools

I ended the day with a hike in Anadel with Kenny.  Man I am OUT OF SHAPE.  I suppose this is what two kids will give you, but I have had enough now and the real question is when will I trade in the thrift store for the gym?  To help with this I will admit here that I did actually purchase this: The NON Runner's Marathon Guide for Women.  

What will I really do with this book only time will tell. I do know: Muscle good.  Flab bad.  It has not shown up yet so....

On to more pleasant topics like...  After Edi and I poured wine for Todd at The Wine Garage - the hippest place to buy wine in Calistoga we bee lined it to  LOLO's Consignment in St Helena where I WON the monthly $50 drawing.  I have won ski tickets and even concert tickets, but this was awesome.  I tried on like 25 different outfits while the ladies held Edi, who smiled and cooed-sweet girl that she is. I came away with some nice new digs and a cool vase.  

Then we raced to meet our friend Melanie.  She is creating her own line of children's clothes and needed a 6-9 month old model.  Her creations are going to be cool.  In the meantime, you can shop her import shop ittikid.  

Here is Ida wearing one of her dresses.  These clothes are well made and worth every penny when you see just how cute your kids look in them.

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  1. Ah Lynn, thanks for the love! Look at that little Ida!