Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CooCoo Meem Sugar Puffy Cheeks, Milkdots, and the First Day of School

CooCoo Meem Sugar Puffy Cheek's sister had her first day of school yesterday. Ida gave Edith that endearing name in France where people on the street see your baby and pop in front of you to say, "Coo Coo!" a million times until they get a smile.  Edi loves this word and Ida knows how to make her smile.  
Here is Ida on her way to school wearing the dress I made.  I am so glad I decided to make it.  She looked adorable and I think felt very special.  I used Moda Odyssea Fabric Sea Glass Blue and red corduroy.  My next big sewing project just may be this jacket :

I got all crazy about her lunch box, and when left in a San Francisco hotel Sunday night while Kenny "worked" I found these:

Get one.  They are cool.

Oh yeah I have yet to wear my new boots or my jeggings.  I guess spending two days in my Pj's making that dress sort of gives you an idea of my life.  Kenny will crush the first grapes of the year tomorrow, so it is official my Crush Widow life begins again...

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