Sunday, August 15, 2010

Peapod Fabrics, Nine West Boots, and Mini Labo

Peapod Fabrics
In full Crush Widow style I was left once again to my own devices while Kenny "worked" all day at Outside Lands.  Being in SF, I should have gone to Peapod Fabrics, but with Ceclia dropping Jim off with Kenny there really was only one option - it being Kenny's birthday on Tuesday and all..


I bought these Nine West Boots!

Totally awesome right?  That is what shopping with Ceclia will get you...mega fashion.  That and jean leggings.  Who knew? I now own two pair.  I better get that non marathon book soon.

Mini Labo
And I leave you with this beautiful image of la Poupee Nina whom I fell in love with in France.

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