Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Food face therapy and the lunchbox toolbox

Before I conceived, the entire time I was pregnant, and up until about a few months ago I fretted over Ida's nutrition.  What was she going to eat?  Did I pack enough food?  Is it healthy?  Enough protein? Calcium? And on and on and on until through extensive group therapy with my dear playgroup friends I have managed to let go.  Never would I have imagined my Ida eating anything that looked like this:

But I swear she did.  She even slurp up the broth. Now I know this is no rainbow, sorry Dr. Faye, but she did willingly consume Spinach and that is progress.  I write all this and just this afternoon bought this: 

Ms Food Face Plate to help us with new foods etc etc etc...maybe I am not cured after all....  Maybe The Toddler Cafe can help.  And While I have food on my mind I go and find Courtney's blog "Two Straight Lines" where she created this!

and if it's not it a "Toolbox" to spice up your kiddos lunchbox.  Reading more I discover she did it for a piece on for lunchbox packaging.  For a mom like me who tries to be relaxed about what is left over in Ida's lunchbox this toolbox is for me.

And since wine is my day job. Here is one to try:
not the syrah label but close

Mark Chesebro Ceder Lane- Arroyo Seco Syrah 2006.  I am rarely a Syrah drinker, but this is smooth with nice earthiness and goes down maybe a little too easily. 

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