Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge, Antique Dishes, and Wine Bags

Look at this!  I am so doing this Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  I bought an overalls pattern from la droguerie in Paris and some pretty corduroy fabric too.  What I failed to realized when I threw down the Euros was that the pattern is in French! But I am going to do it and this challenge is my motivation.
la droguerie beads

la droguerie yarn

And look at what I got in the mail!  What a great mom I have...She got me a Harlequin plate, a cup and a saucer to go with my pitcher, sugar bowl and creamer.  Then just because she is nice she threw in a lime Fiestaware platter because she found matching napkins from my grandma Rose's linen stash.  Oh and her friend got me the tablecloth.  Now that is love.

Looks like those napkins could use an embroidered  flower or something else pretty....

Just like Fiestaware, Harlequin was manufactured by Homer Laughlin and designed by Frederick Rhead.  Released exculsively by Woolworth in 1939.  Happy Heidi is a good source for more information.

And what you may ask is a quick pass time for a Crush Widow who's partner is in Santa Cruz checking vineyards for 2 days?  Why Handmade Wine Bags of course.
I made 5 bags last week and put them in the tasting room for sale.  

And after I sewed those bags Ida found this fabric :

and per her very specific instructions, I put an owl on the back, the front, and the arm of her favorite hoody, zoomed around each one with a decorative stitch, and in 1 hour Ida thought I hung the moon -although that was quickly forgotten when I made her pose for a picture.


  1. Paris, Harlequin plates, bespoke hoodies and cute handmade wine bags - being a crush widow doesn't sound half bad! Looking forward to more posts. ;)