Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pillowcase Dresses and Fugazi

Ali, my new friend, inspired me to make a pillowcase dress.   Unlike a new dish I would whip up for guests, I decided I ought it try out before I "taught" her how to make one....and what a good idea that was.

I used Soulemama's Handmade Home.
In here she has, among other cool ideas, a pillowcase pattern. The only pillowcase I found in my stash was an awful green and smelled worst than it looked.  How could that be?  Instead of gagging my way threw the project,  I used a Japanese fabric I bought online.  I had to make my own pillowcase and was so gun hoe that I made the darn thing upside down and without prewashing the fabric.  I didn't prewash it because of my yet to be best friend Amy Carol of Angry Chicken and her killer book Bend the Rules Sewing where upon reading it I let go of perfection and started to sew to improve my skills and of course for fun.  Ultimately I didn't wash the fabric because in Amy's book she shows you how to make a quilt with all new, unwashed, fabric.  When you do wash it, it makes for a cool, vintage look.  I hope this works for the pillowcase dress I made.  We'll see...

Here is the dress...
It says it  is for 12-18 months and so I took up 2 inches on either side....
After I washed it,  the bias tape I used to make the ties unravelled, but no magical vintage transformation.  Of course not.  I should have known.  Next time, with Ali, I will make my own bias tape or use ribbon.

The other night, after the kids were asleep and the accounting was done, Kenny and I sat around and talked of the good ol days.  How we felt old and what were we going to do about. This led to music nostalgia which led to massive downloading of some of our old favorites.  Here is a short list: 

Dinosaur Jr.
764 Hero
The Cure

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