Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn makes a Widow

I finally find myself in the place that inspired this blog, alone.  Well... sort of. The closest thing I get to it these days - the littlest is cooing to sleep and the eldest is flip flopping to sleep, but still the beer is cracked and Kenny is gone.  I'd prefer it if he where home or at least on his way home to eat the disastrous flop of food on the table.  Ida declared it, "Yuck," and really she was right.  Ah well, I could not pulverize last weeks rataouille and convince her it was pizza sauce, BUT 
we can make apple pie filling with sugar and white wine.
And the snot flows and flows and still we go back to school, ballet and swimming lessons all on the same day.  And I wonder where my well behaved child has gone?  To the crazy house I am sure. Swimming ends next week and school is only 2 days a week so I think she doesn't have it too bad.
Our yard was a disappointment to us this year, but then I guess you can't expect to leave for 6 weeks in prime growing season and have any real expectations of a bounty.  The fig looks like it may bare a crop. And how nice that would be as we have babied this baby for 4 years without a single reward.
This Salvia is taking her sweet time too.
It has taken years for me to relinquish the land to any plant that did not bare an edible fruit, but now the front yard, with the exception of the Gravenstein Apple and the Persimmon, is all flowering natives.  Given our luck with the food crops this year I am thankful for this beauty.
And here makes a widow...


  1. I hear ya, sista! Mark is actually home tonight and we still managed to cook up a sub-par dinner. Oh, and he has the same boots as your husband, four pairs I think.

  2. Hey Megan thanks for reading AND commenting. As a total rookie here I appreciate it! and....tell me about it! I have thrown away so many pairs of those boots I lost count! You know they make em in kids sizes too. We got our now 4 yo a pair and then all three of us had them and talk about cute and sort of crazy but mostly just cute. I'll post a photo here soon.

  3. Love it Lynnie. Thank you. And if it is of any comfort, my yard did not yield a single pepper, cuke, or tomato. We were SO fortunate, however, to score a whopping 6 raspberries. SERIOUSLY? What happened this year? Life, I guess. xoxoxo