Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finished Dorothy on time plus orange wine for Halloween

I did it.  I found the time among visitors, parties, baseball games, and tasting room hours to not blog but finish the costume.  Should I even reveal that I skipped step 11-14 which included sewing on the back bib and band?  I didn't notice that detail until the final hour.  No matter. I just stitched those shoulder straps down with some buttons like they belonged.  It really looked just fine.  Thanks to la Madre I put the back zipper in without a zipper foot and in half the steps.  Just make your seam, lay the zipper perfectly down the center, pen like crazy and if you're my mom you hand stitch it. If you are me, you machine that baby and pray.  It worked and Ida was on her way to OZ.
Where I am sure all the munchkins drink orange wine.  
Yes, orange wine.  I am a lucky woman to have friends share bottles of wine like Gravner with me.  These wine are the essences of cool.  That, and they taste killer.  But, these orange wines are not for everyone.  Made in a clay amphorae, sealed with beeswax and buried underground, they are heavily oxidized and the opposite of fruity.  For sure unlike any wine I've tried and just plain awesome.   Happy Halloween!

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  1. wow, what a wonderful little Dorthy!!! The shoes are fabulous. I think I seriously need to find some in my size.