Saturday, October 9, 2010

haunted houses, felted pumpkins, and royal screw ups

We are learning what goats say and what makes a house haunted, how nice it is to have an employee and why traffic stops at pumpkins patches, and why getting thigh deep in a quilt with no pattern may be a terrible idea.

Terrible you so kindly ask?  Well, let's just say my unaided quilting process required a mental break, something to soothe my mind and move my hands, so I am finally poking at all that roving I bought.  I discover to my delight that needle felting feels good to my brain.  Taking soft straight wool and creating the three dimensional shape I envisioned  is mentally rewarding.  Completely unlike the shock I got from laying out my pieced quilt.

Why?  So nice of you to care.  The question I have for you is, "Do I recreate the pattern I created even though there was no pattern from which to create? and Will the obvious screw up in my eye be perceived as perfect chaos to someone else?"  This is no complicated piece of work you will soon see, but, through I bet will turn out to be laziness,  I have managed to really complicated it up.

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