Sunday, November 7, 2010

finding balance in Korean BBQ sauce

I have been trying to find balance in Korean BBQ sauce.  Somewhere along the line, more like 6 months ago on the line, I made a Korean BBQ Taco Recipe for this weekends' Food and Wine Affair.  I made it not thinking of the actual work that it would entail in the final hours.  And yet, here I sit blogging the night before.  I must have planned well. 

The honest truth is that I stopped doing anything else. No quilting, no sewing, no nothing.  I just cooked and cooked and went to bed early.  This gets the job done but is no fun at all.  Especially when I get these in the mail:

And just for fun here are a few of my Wee Wonderful creations I made from patterns before her book.  They are made mostly from vintage napkins.  

Wee Wonderfuls was the very first Blog that I read.  I was pregnant with Ida and home alone when I found her.  What a joy!.  She inspired me to really begin sewing and through her work I continue to discover more of the craft world.    
like Inside a Black Apple where I found this super doll pattern to make these ladies:


But currently I am on a quilting kick and trying to finish my Tomatillo Quilt when I discover Lucy and Norman
And how?  She was the first person to comment on my blog.  I think she started sewing just 2 years ago and has completed an impressive number of gorgeous quilts, is raising a beautiful girl and from what I can tell making wine!   She is my current inspiration as I am determined to make a quilt worth keeping. 
In the meantime, between making quilts and babies try this Korean BBQ sauce - good on tacos made from anything from tofu to butt.

Korean BBQ Sauce ( adapted from steamykitchen)

2 T Korean fermented hot pepper paste (gochujang)
3 T sugar
2 T soy sauce
2 t rice wine vinegar
2 t sesame oil (untoasted)
1-2 t Sriracha depending on taste

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