Friday, November 19, 2010

Portland craft shopping love 550 tacos ( i can't even talk about it), a tasting room anniversary party, and a blessingway party later - we are all on vacation in Portland.....and what does one do here?  Shop it up to craft it up later...

First,  I went to Knit Purl. I went in there determined to buy something.  How do these people do it?  It looked like any other knit store, yet here was where I would spend my money. I did too.  Bought this hat pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple and some beautiful Noro yarn to make each of the girls some cozy hats for winter.

Then off to Bolt, which lucky for me is literally just 1 block away from where I am staying, and with intense restraint bought ONLY this Anna Marie Honer Innocent Crush fabric:

to make this Amy Butler pattern

I bought a Sevenberry dark pink and black striped fabric for the band and straps.  I can't find a photo for you, but in looking I found Kelani Fabrics where they sell these Aunty Cookie fabrics exculsively:

Ultra Awesomeness.

Then I went to Modern Domestic...the sister store to Bolt and drooled over Portlandites access to all things sewing and crafting and knitting and of course coffee and wine.... IF you can handle the rain.
I learned that Elizabeth Hartman teaches there regularly and so I of course bought her book:
Anyone know where the quilting shop is here?

I am off tomorrow to Super Rad Pdx.  I will try to take some photos. xo

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