Saturday, December 11, 2010

Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion and my handmade stockings

A quick hello from the side lines of misery.  I came to Colorado to help my mama go through ACDF last Monday...and I just want to say that if anyone you know has this done - buy them pudding.  Seriously.  As it turns out the misery from not being able to swallow may be the worst part of this ordeal.  My poor mom.

On the up side, I am in charge of decorating.  That means I get to pull out my favorites.  Obviously, my stocking tops the list.  My grandmother Rose made this for me and between my mom and her they made 8.
I will post all of them, they are so cool, but I have to take photos with my iphone. Kenny wanted to take the fancy camera on the train ride out to CO with Ida, so bear wth me and stayed tuned.

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  1. that is one adorable stocking. sounds like you come from a long line of crafty people!