Monday, December 27, 2010

Janome or Bernina? Plus a Tylenol and Egg Ornament

While even on vacation for Christmas, Kenny must go out and work it.  Which frees up some time for me to reflect on the whirlwind of the last 3 days... a first birthday party on Christmas Eve, Christmas, then the big 3 6.  And the biggest consideration of all the Janome 3160QDC.
or the Bernina 330.

So which one?  I pondered this while drinking the 2004 Nicolas Joly Coulee de Serrant...a birthday tradition for me....awesomeness in my favorite variety.

as are just two of my favorite ornaments:
I made this ornament in Preschool.  It is a Tylenol bottle turned upside down, stuffed with my picture on one side and Santa on the other and red fluffy yarn on the bottom.
This one is truly special.  My grandmother and my mom made it 41 years ago from a real egg.  They dipped the cut out shell in glitter and covered the back with strung beads and sliver rick rac.  Mary, Joseph, and Jesus sit on top of pearl beads. This was Rose's idea and does indeed stand out among the felted airplane Santa and knitted ice skates.  So which one? Help me out - Janome or Bernina?

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  1. So first of all, I don't know anything about Janomes, but I LOVE LOVE my Bernie! And you and I are soul sistas because I just love me some Coulee de Serrant!!! (I do wonder how many other quilter bloggers know what THAT wine is!)