Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tomatillo Quilt or Peace Begins on the Play Mat

So here it is.  The elusive play mat turned quilt turned disaster turned finished.  The original idea was to sew 9" squares together to make 2 play mats for twin girls.  Right around this time my interest in quilt making was budding so I thought I might just mix it up a little, but when I put all the material together it was insane to look at.  It looked like the tomatillos I roasted:
So....I thought I will just cut up this useless white sheet and fix it right up.  But of course I didn't measure a thing and I forgot about the spaces I ended up filling in with green squares and then nothing matched up and during this part of the process my mom was visiting and told me to just throw it away and start over.  I convinced her that it would work out because she would help me.  She took that sheet and ripped 4 inch sashing and then got back on the plane.
I stuck with it, and even though it is crooked it is my first quilt and I am proud of it. So here it is...The Tomatillo Quilt or Peace Begins on the Play Mat - because there will only ever be one, sorry girls.

The fabric is Peaceful Planet by Studio Fabrics.  And yes, I did learn my lesson...I will follow a pattern next time.


  1. you are awesome.....and i miss you! seriously, job very well done xo

  2. I think your Tomatillo quilt turned out great! You should see my first quilt!!! I followed a pattern, but it was still a disaster! If you have passion, the learning curve is fast and you will make one you love in no time. I should clarify - it's not that I don't like patterns, they can be super useful and you learn a lot. I just like more improv and figuring things out on my own. There are so many good free resources on the web, one of my first successful quilts was my Flea Market Fancy Wonky log cabin quilt, which I followed the quilt along on the Old Red Barn co on flickr. It's easy and you can learn so much! The tutorial is still up there, let me know if you can't find it and I'll send you the link. Also, I totally recommend the new book "Practical Patchwork" by Elizabeth Hartmnan. It's full of great beginner patterns, plus everything you need to know about basting, quilting and binding!

    By the way, did you know your blogger is set to no reply? That's why I'm leaving a comment here instead of responding to your comment on my blog:)