Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quilting Immortality

So instead of hand stiching my binding on like any good quilter, I went out and had cocktails.

Since I came home from Colorado on the 29th I have done nothing other than get food on the table at the same time everyday, bathe dirty faces and smelly butts, and steam clean my floor with my new shark.  I have enjoyed every minute of this believe it or not, but as what I'll call real life starts to intrude (selling wine, paperwork, taxes, and deliveries) keeping the balance becomes harder and harder.

I know keeping it together only lasts so long, so I went and had a very adult night out with my friend. We talked of things that have perplexed me lately.  Like are we the same people we are when we are 80 as we are now?  I know I am not the same person I was when I was 20, but what does that mean?  I remember being there making all those stupid mistakes, so am I really different now or do I just think I am?

The passaged of time is a strange thing...on one hand uber fast and on the other being or feeling 20 seems so far away. Maybe that is why we dream of moving to France or why I am bent on learning a skill that once created is permanent.

Here is a little peek at my first free motion on the Blessingway Quilt -  a tiny piece of immortality.

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