Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vintage quilting books

 I came across these books at my mother-in laws.

The biggest laugh, next to the tie itself and the mega poof quilts, goes to the caption for this tie which reads, "The sunshine of your favorite guy's life could be this cheery embroidered tie..." Ha! Check it out!
But the coolest part of all three books was this embroidery found on an 1890's quilt.
It reads, "Embroidered designs that make the quilt gay are pleaseures and duties we find on our way. Hope, love, and kisses are stitches so bright which decorate life with gleams of delight while sympathy sweet is the lining to hold the odd scraps of fate which we cannot control.  We are better than patchwork because of the soul."

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  1. I love the books. I am looking forward to seeing some of your completed projects from them.