Wednesday, February 16, 2011

concrete egg blasts us to independence

We bottled our 2010 Zinfandels today and loaded our new concrete egg into the cellar.

Why do we need a spaceship in our cellar?  The quick answer is that the wine gets air like in a barrel but without the oak, but the real reason is that now we can finally pretend we are Mork and Mindy.

Once we do our taxes, drive our barrels through town on a forklift for Barrel Tasting, create breakfast for 20 people from our backyard eggs, and drive to Santa Cruz and back a billion times to prune the vines then we'll be ready to move to Chicago, but just for the month of March, to sell wine (and go to  Metropolis Coffee and The Needle Shop).  Oh yeah and that breakfast from our backyard eggs I have to create on the hot plate Kenny used pre-college when he lived in an office building.  Wont you come? It will be unforgettable I promise.

The real news though is that we are finished with custom crush, finally.  Instead of that washing machine I mentioned awhile back or a new car or a house even, we bought 5 tanks and one egg spaceship to blast us into winemaking independence along with our beautiful press and yet to arrive crusher/destemmer, forklift, and pumps. This is a big step for us as a business, but this will be our 10 year anniversary and this life we have carved out supports not only my crafty indulgences, but our girls, and Kenny's far out eggs.  

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