Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Echino 9 patch

Here is my very first REAL quilt block.  My first homework assignment from Judy. It really was difficult.  Not the sewing really, just the layout.  I wasted a lot of Echino fussy fussy fussy cutting and still it isn't perfect. WTF?  The quilts you see out there are truly thought out.  I spent two nights thinking about placement and still and only now do I notice all the potential changes, but there are only so many 2 1/2" combinations of multi colored polka dot and an ultra spaced out design that one can tolerate.  What was I thinking?  I should have chosen the blurred grape motif. BUT... I did settle on a pink diagonal and and orange one too, and green only where you see it.  Damn if that birds' tail isn't cut off.  I only looked left and right when cutting, not up and down.  *%$#!!

Spent the day delivering wine before we had a picnic at the beach where Ida turned into the Scary Sand Fairy who eats people.  Then we had to leave.

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