Friday, March 11, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Mother / Wine Rep / Business Owner / Caterer

9 am - Ida has school.  We watch videos on Adopt a Do blog to find one for her hair

10 am - Edi and I pour wine for a client -  thinking of my day ahead I start swallowing insteading of sptitting.  He buys 3 cases.

11 am - Edi and I scurry around the grocery store buying supplies for the plane ride to Chicago on Monday and the Breakfast for 20 I am somehow catering on Saturday.  How many potatoes does one person really eat for breakfast?

I get a call for 8 cases to a new account.

11:30 am - We go to the childrens store to look for warm stuffs for Edi's feet.  I hear there is ice on the trees in Chi Town, but we stike out.

11:45 am - We stop off at a Wine Bar / Eatery to sell wine.  They buy 2 cases.

Noonish - I make a broccolli cheese omelette for us and I wish I would have stopped for the latte.

Until 1pm - I create invoices, pull clothes to pack, and reload the car

1 pm -  I nurse Edi briefly and brood over the the clothes strood over the bed for the suitcase.  Do I really plan on looking put together everyday?  Nothing I have seems warm enough.  Edi coos at me and is perfect  in herself

1:05 pm - We leave to pick up wine at DSG.  Edi falls asleep.

1:30 pm -We deliver the 8 cases

1:45 pm - We drop off paperwork for Kindergarten

2:00 pm We pick up Ida

2:05 pm I talk Ida through the decisions to eat or not eat with dirty hards while I stress about being late to pour wine across the street.

2:10 pm - We decide the iphone will solve everything and I pour and sell 2 more cases

2:40 pm - We arrive at ballet just in time and I have my first glass of water all day.

3:45 pm - I buy insane gas and drive home

4:30 pm - I make beans and greens and rigatoni

5:00 pm -  We eat and then play the Fantastic Fairytale board game

6:00 pm - The girls bathe while I roast potatoes, carmelize onions, and fry peppers for Saturday's breakfast

11:00 pm -  I am still roasting potatoes and my feet hurt

This day was the busiest.  Now I am Minneapolis with a cup of coffee yet again a widow as Kenny hits the pavement.

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