Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All I have for Easter are dust bunnies

... but I need a resurrection.  My cold Chicago bones are creaky. They are slow to decide between scrubbing the floor, vaccuming the cobwebs, washing the windows, or demolding the bathroom.  Do it all mama and smile. Spring has sprung on your dark cave, wake up and drink coffee.  
The flowers outside bloom, and I want to paint my toenails black.
The ear infections have been treated with bubble gum wonder amoxi and the snots flows clear once more.  We are all hoping any lingering winter pathogens will pass us over. Giving us more time to lie around on these freedom pillows I made while frying the Matzah brei.
Anyway, what I really want to say is...Mom can you come help me?  Let's ignore the mold and paint the living room orange. Hang photos of our loves and lay around on freedom pillows with the snuggle spiders.  Then make food the kids wont eat and toast it all away at the end of the day.

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