Monday, May 23, 2011

Annie Annuals and Backyard Chicks

So my mom heard my call and flew into Oakland on Wednesday.  We went to B Restaurant for lunch ici ice cream in Berkeley and then to Annie's Annuals in Richmond.  
There are acres of plants to buy; most with lengthly descriptions like this one:
Here are the 2 favorites I bought:
Delphinium elatum -" The biggest most outrageous large-flowered Delphinium in the world!" 
Coreopsis tinctoria 'Tiger Stripes' - pictured above - heirloom variety from 1885

On the way home we bought 7 ( 2 Buckeyes, 1 Ancona, 4 Cochins) new chicks to replace the 6 we used to have until I saved the baby raccoon living under the house and he came back to eat them all.  We have since learned our lesson and created a minature Fort Knox for our new birds.  We are raising 2 for our good friends over at Zucchini Pickles.

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