Sunday, May 15, 2011

babies that can fly to the Eiffel Tower

This delayed post has something to do with a laundry basket sitting full for 3 weeks, the doors forever open, and wild onions.

Spring has found me and keeps me outside away from the sewing machine.  I want to finish the Single Girl Quilt, but instead I lap my yard and visit the Delphinium and Foxglove and wage war on the Wild Onion.  To keep Ida interested in my crusade I suggested she make onion soup from things we do not want in the yard.

Here is her recipe:

Wild Onion Soup
a handful of wild onions
chicken feathers
dandelion seeds
dead lily heads
lambs ear
dried up belladonna

Place in water in sunshine and feed to babies that can fly to the Eiffel Tower

In between:
* I lounge around and watch Ida play hopscotch like I'm some kind of queen

* download old ska and try to remember what it felt like to be 20

* continually put off the trip to the grocery store and make soup from the vegetable bin

* look forward to the bounty of 40 tomato plants, squashes, corn, tomatillos, eggplants, peppers, beans, peas, cucumber, chard, quinoa, zinnas, and french marigolds

* dream bigger and mange to find space for these:


  1. Your Spring sounds lovely... it must be so wonderful to be able to grow things. The only successful things I've grown are the children - every poor plant hasn't stood a chance.

  2. i too am obsessed w/ my yard lynn. i wander it aimlessly. and then grab a shovel and transplant something. move this. move that. dig here. plant there. i am becoming a hoarder. of plants. in the mean time, i have already killed my cucumber plant. likely the result of neglect due to my transplanting neurosis. love you - amck