Friday, June 3, 2011

Edi's Little Friends of Printmaking botrytised dessert wine

Mom's visit was a success.  The weather held out and we managed to garden a lot.  Then Ida had her ballet performances all weekend and then...we all got the stomach flu in varying degrees.  Truly terrible.    Mom is gone and so is the flu - not that they came together.  In fact, Ida's preschool is perhaps responsible for the outbreak in Healdsburg.   We now move on to getting our winery ready.  5 tanks were delivered today and I came home to the vineyard truck in front of the house with a power washer in the back.  Slowly but surely we are rounding up the equipment.

In prettier news, here is the much anticipated label for Edi's wine, Unconditional. 

A botrytised dessert Chardonnay from the Santa Cruz Mountains made in her birth year, 2009. We commissioned The Little Friends of Printmaking for the label.  Kenny did an excellent job and the bottled wine is very cool.  

When Ida was born we made one for her too.  Here is her label for the Polar Bear created by Ida Pearl:

All proceeds from these wines go the college/travel the world/start your own business fund.

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