Sunday, August 7, 2011

DIY Granola : Frog Hollow Farm vs. Easy Does It

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My friend Sarah at Zucchini Pickles and her friend Crystal from The Kitchen MBA motivated each other to make Granola at home, something that you normally pay up to 10x more for in the store, and then asked 4 friends to tell them what they thought.  Sarah at Zucchini Pickles used the Easy Does It recipe and Crystal from The Kitchen MBA used the Frog Hollow Farm recipe. The best part is that apparently I am worthy to be a "taster" in this taste off. Swwweeet. Check out their blogs for links to the recipes and the others' comments.  In the meantime here are mine:

I thought both granolas where very good.  The Frog Hollow granola wins in the texture category while the Easy Does It makes you want to sprinkle it everywhere.  I think the Frog Hollow granola stands up to milk while the Easy Does It wins out for yogurt.  They both tasted great - neither one too sweet or lacking enough nuts and fruit.  The effort required to make the Frog Hollow verses the Easy Does It seems great, but I suppose opening the oven door a few times to stir really isn't too bad given the pay off.

Thank you ladies for including me.

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