Wednesday, September 21, 2011

how to make tomato confit

Bear with me as I eat, dream, breath and process pounds and pounds of tomatoes.  Here is the lastest incarnation. Inspired by Chez Pim

Tomato Confit
 I sliced the tomatoes into 1/4" rounds and dried them for almost 2 days.
 Make sure your tomatoes are completely dry no matter what drying method you use.  Botulism doesn't sound like too much fun.
Give your tomatoes a boiling vinegar bath to kill any surface bacteria.  I used our homemade version, but apple cider would be good too.
Dry them on paper towels and layer the pieces into clean sterile jars.  I tried out Bormioli jars for the first time.  They have a nice shape and a cool one piece lid. I counted approximately 75 pieces or 15-20 tomatoes per 8.5 oz jar.
Add whatever additions you like. If you want to be extra safe, use only dried herbs and boil your olive oil first.  I used dried rosemary and chili flakes for a few jars and the rest I added fresh rosemary or thyme with raw garlic all dipped in the vinegar bath. Fill with a high quality olive oil leaving 1/2 " head space and remove hidden air bubbles with a chopstick or spoon handle etc.
   Process the jars in a boiling water bath for 30 minutes for 8.5oz jars.  I will gift the dried herb combinations and keep the fresh herb combos for myself.  Of course remember to never eat anything with a popped out lid unless your looking for body botox.



  1. Body botox? I don't get it...where do you learn all this stuff?? So inspiring. I read all of your bogs!