Sunday, September 11, 2011

one cup of coffee too many

I should not have had that third cup of coffee.  I spent my last few dimes on it and it made me sick.  I was thinking I'll just get all jacked up and clean the home disaster speed racer style before I have to blaze back to Healdsburg and get the girls.  I got the fated cup of jo because my quilting class was canceled due to low attendance, that would be just me, so now I'll have to make the girls twin quilts by myself -piece of cake with nails in it.  I did order the entire Heather Ross Far Far Away III in fat quarters from the lovely ladies at Pink Chalk Fabrics to make the suckers, so maybe inspiration will take me far far away into a quilting mania.

I am really digging the guitars and may try to make my own version of Olivelse  ukuleles. Of course after the quilts and before breakfast.

and here is a tiny window into our fall garden.

Remember I planted these?  Only the birdhouse gourds produced and just 2.  The other I could not get to pollinate. My grandmother used to grow these birdhouse gourds in the ditches on the side of the road next to the farm in Slaton, TX.  Here is my slightly refined attempt, although I fear the weight of the gourd my snap it off itself.
and here is our pregnant pumpkin.
jusqu'a 'a prochaine fois

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