Saturday, November 5, 2011

hanging out over fork lift rides

The process of making wine in an artisan way demands so much physically that at a certain point you just want it to be over, and even though the last grapes came off the truck 2 days ago the work load continues to hold steady.

But driving though the mist that hangs over the yellowing vines, cold, coffee in hand, seat heater cranking, hot air balloons hanging overhead, listening to Ola Podrida or your indie rock/lo fi band of choice, down Eastside to Grant and through the gate to quiet makes my Sundays.  

Tasting the rose, the Riesling, this Pinot then that one, the free run and the Qvevri, thanks Alice, reminds me why we do what we do and why I haven't seen Kenny in 2 months.  Taking the t&t's, doing the punch downs, the pump overs, pressing, digging, filling, scrubbing, rinsing, so our tried and true cellar master gets one day off, is a minor contribution to the production but one I am grateful to offer.

So tomorrow I 'll leave my den and hang out with Kenny over thermometers, barrels, fork lift rides, sheets, press loads, and tasting the fruit of our labors evolve on their own into an expression of where they came from.  

Before Sunday happens I did make or contribute to the production of: 
Making my first pillow
I followed the basic pillow tutorial on Sew Mama Sew here. 

Do note that dangle balls really are the key to pillow success.  That, and glitter skelton fabric.  Get those two together and you can't go wrong.
Creating eclectic soup mixes
 otherwise known as, destroy moms spices and bulk items.  Do this thinking you are as neat as a cat and a grand chef with a master plan while standing on the counter with 2 dresses on, smiling.
 Decorating shelves out of everyones reach
Baking banana chocolate chip muffins with nearly a cup of wheat germ in them so you don't have to cook all day. Fills them right up. 
 and beading necklaces with center pieces just happen