Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mccalls 5956 on the Janome 3169

Ha!  all that mess just to figure out how to glue a few rhinstones down so the world would know that she was Toto and not some mutt off the streets.  This is Toto people...can't you read the sign oh I mean collar.
She picked out McCalls 5956 and the fuzzy dog fur, which as my mom put it, feels like snot.  Bless my mother.  She cut the entire thing out while I was off doing a million other things.  This of course sped the process up considerably and allowed me time to make the spats. What is a spat? Why the foot coverings of course.

Now to open up the Janome and clean out all the left over fur.


  1. My dear friend and roommate in college liked to make "bear" hats out of fake long haired fur of varying colors. Her machine was screwed up evermore. (but the hats were fun and I still have mine!)