Friday, January 20, 2012

the Januaries, Jellyrolls, and onions

I definitely have The Januraries.  A term my mom refers to yearly which includes all things drab and slow and restless and stuck.  In an effort to free myself from my self and day 2 of pajamas, I do have 2 sick kiddos but still, I am forcing  my hand and posting to my dear blog. 

Before Edi came down with the crud, another momism, we planted onions and garlic in the corn bed. Check out the real effort.

...and here are my December efforts....A not messed up quilt I made for my mom! I used The Easiest Thing to Do with a Jelly Roll. Quick, easy, fun, and then boring but now done plus she loves it.

Turns out too that The Januaries are a band.  They will help the situation.
Check out their song Chocolate and Strawberries.

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