Thursday, February 16, 2012

process the process

I was sitting around in our 70 degree weather wondering where winter had gone and if my inspiration went with it, when I slowly started to weed the neglected winter bed.  I decided to check on these carrots who have taken their sweet time to grow.  Image my surprise when I pluck out that big red daddy in the back.  "Heck yeah!" I thought, "I am running this through my brand new juicer this instant." 

That's right, I got a juicer baby and some wacky free video called, "Fat and miserable and feeling like death," or some such combination or words, "...until I discovered Breville Juice Fountain PLUS!"  
This is what I am of course looking for as well. And with Kenny living it up in Paris and then Vini Sud for 10 days while I process the process I feel obligated to make the most of this time.  

I envision expansive reorganizing, quilt making, serger starting, aquarium going, and mega ultra floods of creative doing.  So far however, I did the dishes and folded the stale sheets in the dyer. I did also juice those carrots and I reckon that is only the beginning.

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