Tuesday, June 12, 2012

subway double stroller blues

What is it with vacations that wreck you?  We all set off on our 5 week business/vaca trip very ready to hit the road.  I returned worn out and on day 7 of antibiotic wonderment.  Maybe it was the goopy eye syndrome on day 10, or my 2 week meglo flu sinus face head nose throat ear body infection, or wait maybe it was the Strep diagnosis, or the hives that hitched a ride on the histamine roller coaster that was my sweet baby's insides, or it really could have been looking down at 3 cases of subway stairs with a double stroller sola one too many times.
unattractive picture of me stressing to find kid food in crowded adult foodie event - a typical nyc happening 
Whatever the case, thank West Texas apple cake it all concluded at my childhood playground; Granny's house. We celebrated her 90th, in style with frozen punch,white cake and 200+ friends.
my awesome 90 year old Granny and crazed me happy to be well 
I am home now almost done with the poison oak that took over my arm and trying to figure out ways to stay put.  It is more difficult than it sounds.  There are trips to LA in the wings to sell wine and the swimming lessons mom and tennis and gymnastics and yoga and fitness and the issue of running out of frozen pizzas. But the garden is planted and maybe we can soak enough beans to last awhile and when I finally start to call my friends again maybe they will be kind enough to visit me.

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